How can I search on words on Lens?

With Collectz it's possible to search your favorite topics! Subjects like 'fries', 'music', 'photography' can be searched on words and bio over all apps on Lens. It will search for words that matches the word. Loading might take a couple of seconds.

Click here for the straight link to search posts.

How to search for words

  1. Press '=' in the top right screen and go to 'search posts'

  2. Type in a word in the white bar. For this example we use 'photography'.

  3. Press on 'search'.

  4. Wait a couple seconds and see the magic!

Extra search options
  1. You can also search words on 1 specific app by changing 'All apps' to 'Lenster' for example.

  2. You can also search for specific content. Change 'All media' to 'Audio' for example.

  3. You can also toggle 'with tags' on or off.

If this doesn't work:

Feel free to contact us on Telegram if you want to speak to us directly. Also if you have suggestions what data you would like to see.

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