How do I enter VR?

Yes! You can enter VR for each 3D gallery. So if you have VR goggles it's time to dust them off and start using them. In the future we also give options to watch an individual 3D collect in VR.

Share your 3d Gallery

  1. Go to your page; for example

  2. Click on 'Galleries' and choose '3D space'. (It's also possible to go straight to your 3D gallery)

  3. In the left bottom of your screen you will see 'Enter VR', when you press this button it will activate your VR goggles.

  4. Choose 'Allow' if you see a popup in your monitor.

  5. Put on your VR goggles.

Congratulations you are in VR mode. 💪

If this doesn't work:

Feel free to contact us on Telegram if you want to speak to us directly. It might be neccesary to follow some extra steps to login on your Oculus/Horizon account to be able to use your VR goggles.

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