Collectz is in Beta and can give certain issues. This page will be used as troubleshoot for the most recurring issues.

Error message

  1. Logout

  2. Login again

Relogging and clearing will usually solve most problems. If you keep getting error messages, don't hestitate to contact us at our Telegram or directly on Lens.

Not all buttons has features yet

Collectz is a new website. We will keep adding new features in the future.

My Metamask won't connect when minting on my Phone

Make sure your metamask app is up to date. Also make sure you have created a metamask wallet. If you don't have a Metamask wallet you can go to 'how to create a metamask wallet?'.

I can't login

To be able to log in on Collectz you will need 2 things: a metamask wallet and Lens claim NFT.

If you have issues logging in you can go to our Telegram below.

I can't login with another account

If you have multiple accounts on your metamask it is possible to switch.

  • Press on the 'puzzle icon' in your internet browser

  • Open 'Metamask'

  • Press on 'Connected' in Metamask

  • Choose the account on which you want to log in. (sometimes you will only see account 1 or 2; the new added account is account 2 and your most used account is usually account 1)

  • 'REFRESH'; (Shift+F5 / reopening the site; or This is important or else sometimes the lens sign in button wont work)

  • Press on 'Less Sign in'

  • 'Sign the approval'

  • Take extra notice on your profile icon in the top right bar to see if you are logged in on the right account.

When trying to mint a Handle for Lens I get 'Handle Reserved'

If you get the message Handle_Reserved' it means that handle or name has already been taken by somebody else. You will have to choose another handle.

You do not have enough allowance to collect this publication. might hold the answer to this issue.

Feel free to got to our Telegram if you want to speak to us directly.

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