How do I enter Lens?

To enter Lens you will need to have access to a claim NFT. This will allow you access to all apps built on Lens. Among the many applications built on Lens, Collectz is just one of them. To obtain your access NFT, kindly follow the simple steps outlined below. It is important to note that the cost of an access NFT is approximately between $50 to $100 in Ethereum. Also you will need to be whitelisted by the Lens team to enter. Feel free to contact us on our Telegram or directly if you want to be whitelisted. There is a new waitlist now

Access NFT for Lens

  1. Click on 'Connect Wallet' and choose one of the three wallets 'Browser', 'Coinbase Wallet' or 'WalletConnect'. (If you have Metamask choose Browser)

  2. A popup should be displayed on the top righthand side of your screen. Choose 'Sign'.

  3. If you get the error "Sorry your adress is not eligable" you haven't whitelisted yet. contact us on our Telegram.

  4. Choose 'Check your claimable Handles'.

  5. Enter your handle and choose 'continue'. (Remember you can only choose your handle once)

  6. Choose your follow module and press 'continue'. (It's possible to change it later)

Congratulations! You have just become a Lens community member!

If you get the message 'Handle_Reserved' it means that handle or name has already been taken by somebody else. You will have to choose another handle.

Extra: Setting up your Lens Profile
  1. Choose a Lens Profile picture.

  2. Enter a display name.

  3. Write a Bio.

  4. Choose 'finish'.

If this doesn't work:

Feel free to contact us on Telegram if you want to speak to us directly.

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