How do you mint an Text Collect?

Minting, or also known as collecting on Lens, is a feature on Collectz as well. We will also include additional options in the future. Remember, in order to create a collect you will need wmatic. Below are the steps to create a Collect/NFT made only from text. On Collectz it's also possible to add an image, video, audio or even a 3D file to the Collect.

Mint a Text Collect:

  1. Log in on with Metamask.

  2. Go to the top-right on your screen, press the '=' button and choose 'Mint'.

  3. Fill in your desired text in the 'Text for your Collect' field. This can be anything you'd like, including the name/number of the Collect, a short description, etc.

  4. Fill in the amount of Copies / Stock or leave it at '1'.

  5. Fill in 'Collect Price' in matic. You should be able to see a preview of the USD price of wmatic or go to this site.

  6. Press 'Mint Now'.

Congratulations you have just minted an NFT! 👍

Extra collect options

[Extra 1: Referral fee]

With referral fee you can give a % of each sale of your collect via the mirrored collect to the user who mirrored.

[Extra 2: Timed Collect]

You can make your Collect only collectable for 24 hours by switching on 'Only 24 hours'.

[Extra 3: For Followers Only]

You can make your Collect only collectable for followers by switching on 'For followers only'.

[Extra 4: Collect category]

If you want want your Collect to be found more easily you can fill in up to 5 more Tags. Also you can switch your collect category to something else than Art.

If this doesn't work:

Feel free to contact us on Telegram if you want to speak to us directly.

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