How do I log in on Collectz [Mobile] (Wallet Connect Mobile)?

To use Collectz you will need a Metamask or other wallet. Because Lens is currently closed, you will also need an NFT to create an account. If you already have both you can proceed. Otherwise you can go to our previous page 'How do I create a Metamask wallet?'.

Log in

  1. Go to on your mobile.

  2. Click on 'Connect' on the top right corner.

  3. Choose 'Wallet Connect '.

  4. Choose 'your wallet symbol'. For instance Coinbase or Rainbow

  5. Unlock the App or Enter your wallet password if needed and click 'Unlock'.

  6. You should receive a wallet pop up on the top right corner of your screen. Scroll down and click/press on 'Sign'.

Congratulations you have logged into Collectz. You should see your profile photo on the top right corner. 👍

If this doesn't work:

Feel free to contact us on Telegram if you want to speak to us directly. The red 'reset' button that shows below the wallet might also resolve some issues.

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