How do you mint an 3D Collect? [Advanced]

Minting, or also known as collecting on Lens, is a feature on Collectz as well. We will also include additional options in the future. Remember, when making a Collect you will need matic. On Collectz it's also possible to add an image, video or audio.

Feel free to reach out to us if you want help with minting 3D files, it is a more advanced form of minting with more steps and choices than normal minting. We can help you with making the choices and give advice.

Mint an 3D Collect:

  1. Log in on with Metamask.

  2. Go to the top-right on your screen, press the '=' button and choose 'Mint'.

  3. Choose '3D' beneath NFT Type. (Image/Video/Audio/3D)

  4. Drag & Drop your image or 'Browse' and select your file. (we support JPG/PNG/GIF max 10 MB) [It is also possible to skip this step if you want our viewer to make a turnable. This image will be used to show your 3D file if other apps dont have the means to show 3D.]

  5. Drag & Drop your 3D files or 'Browse' and select your file. We support .OBJ, .FBX, .VRM, .GLLB/gLTF to a maximum of 100 MB) (File types have to be written without any spaces between the letters, or else the 3D file will not work in 3D mode)

  6. Press on 'Next - Prepare Assets'. Depending on the size file it can take a couple of seconds.

  7. Choose one of the following choices below:

A. If you have an existing image file you can choose 'Use existing'.

B. If you want to make a turnable you can choose 'Capturing Rotating GIF'. You will see a preview of how it turns out.

C. If you want to make a screenshot you can choose 'Capture screenshot'.

It's possible to change the background and lighting by sliding the sliders or pressing the '-' button.

  1. Important step press ''NEXT - PREP FOR MINT'.

  2. Fill in your desired text in the 'Text for your Collect' field. This can be anything you'd like, including the name/number of the Collect, a short description, etc.

  3. Fill in the amount of Copies / Stock or leave it at '1'.

  4. Fill in 'Collect Price' in matic. You should be able to see a preview of the USD price of wmatic.

  5. Press 'Mint Now'.

Congratulations you have just minted an NFT! 👍

Extra collect options

[Extra 1: Referral fee]

With referral fee you can give a % of each sale of your collect via the mirrored collect to the user who mirrored.

[Extra 2: Timed Collect]

You can make your Collect only collectable for 24 hours by switching on 'Only 24 hours'.

[Extra 3: For Followers Only]

You can make your Collect only collectable for followers by switching on 'For followers only'.

[Extra 4: Collect category]

If you want want your Collect to be found more easily you can fill in up to 5 more Tags. Also you can switch your collect category to something else than Art.

If this doesn't work:

Feel free to contact us on Telegram if you want to speak to us directly.

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